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  • Accounting

    Take your payroll off your kitchen counter.  Most small businesses don't have a payroll department, which leaves the owner or management scrambling at the end of the week to cut checksand make sure payroll is taken care of.


    Most small contractors are out on the field every day and their only office is inside their truck.  We have a proven process that makes payroll a lot easier, giving you, our clients, time to concentrate on that task at hand.

  • Certified Payroll

    Certified Payroll is essential, especially if you want to get those government contracts. Contractors get caught biding for government jobs with out knowing what all it entails. Our clients do not have that problem, they are armed with a team to execute the job in all facets.


    • What is Certified Payroll?
    • When do we need Certified Payroll?
    • How to do Certified Payroll?
    • Do we have the correct wage rates?


    These are all questions that we get after our contractors are award a job, these are not questions with us, we have the solution to all your Certified Payroll needs.

  • Audit Services

    Many annual Audits for commercial insurance policies are often done quickly and inaccurately. 


    We obtain and audit the document used by your insurance carrier, third party administrators, state reporting bureau to calculate your premiums. We don not audit your records.

    Our Mission

    Our philosophy is centered around exceptional client service and delivering tangible results. We are passionately client-first, and offer unparalleled flexibility and customer support. Unlike most consulting firms, we will fit in around your organization, and adopt your success factors as our own. We leverage our large nationwide network of HR professionals to make sure we support you with exactly the right skillsets and experience.

    Our flexible approach to engagement means that we are willing to work with you in the way that best meets your needs. With each engagement, we get to know our clients before starting work, so we can focus on delivering the best possible solution within your specific circumstances, rather than trying to “sell” you something. Consider us to be an extension to your team, rather than a vendor.

    We are Flexible, Affordable, Impactful.

    Choosing the right partner is an important decision – we understand that. Partnering success depends on many factors above and beyond the capabilities of the provider. We believe that having a strong understanding of your business and having a passion for what we do, as well as personality fit with you and your team are all critical factors. That is why we offer every new potential client the opportunity to get to know us, free of charge, before officially embarking on an engagement. If we don’t believe we are the right partner for you, we will let you know. Our business, just like yours, depends on satisfied customers – we will not accept any engagement that we don’t feel comfortable and confident with.